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     Jeff Tassin, a three time Emmy winning composer/writer/producer and performer has also garnered International Telly Awards and other distinctions for his work with PBS from Seattle to Brockway TV in New York. He has worked on the studio rosters in Seattle, Los Angeles and Nashville as a session player and producer. Once Regional Director for The National Academy of Songwriters based in Los Angeles and founder/executive Director for the Northwest Songwriters Network, he has gained an unusual perspective of this business called music.

     Jeff held several places in the Reviewers Choice, all-time top 25 guitar players, on the international garageband.com website, founded by Jerry Harrison, (Talking Heads) and chaired by Sir George Martin of Beatle fame and was voted #1 all-time best player in Blues and #1 all-time best player in Rock. Garageband.com has recently been bought by iLike.com under the myspace umbrella. I am currently absorbing these changes of venue and adjusting the site

Click here to see what George Martin says on Jeff's video page.

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Gig Central

*** *** Visit the Jeff Tassin's Songwriters Showcase facebook page weekly for new media of the vast array of talent performing every Tues night at Brother Don's 4200 Kitsap Way in Bremerrton. Thanks to Patty Tassin, for the wonderful stills and video she takes of every performance. Host, 3-time Emmy Winner, Jeff Tassin kicks off with a short set at 7pm and ocasionally gives away studio time to one of the writers. *** ***


*** The 6th anniversay of Jeff Tassin's Songwriters Showcase is in the rear view mirror and a new year of music is unfolding. More shows will be generated by the talent scouts visiting the Tues night Showcase, so pack your tunes over there and make use of the exposure. Click the Facebook link above and stay in touch..

*** Jeff Tassin has also released two new CDs simultaneously, 'String Theory', a pop/rock CD and and 'Sound Mind' an acoustic guitar bassed CD. Ask him about these at the Showcase any Tuesday night from 7pm

*** Please visit the following recently produced talents, Casey Garland's 'The River Keeps on Flowing' available at http://riverpeoplemusic.com. Casey's CD extravaganza is loaded with great songs and musicians, a real story teller is he..






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