What They're Saying About Jeff

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Here is what they're saying about Jeff's music... in the production feild...

* "He's real versitile when it comes to writing different themes, and he's one of the best guitar players I've ever heard." -Bill Fast, Audio Director for KCTS Channel 9: PBS

* "Musician, Jeff Tassin is not only a skilled guitarist, he's also a producer, director arranger and author of science fiction novels." -Melodie Wright: The Sun.

* "You're a genius! Thanks for the care you put into my productions.. It makes all the difference in the world." -John Weyman of Weyman and Associates.

...and about his music performances...

* Postcard: Jeff Tassin...

“What a riff! I absolutely love the guitar in this song, it's played with such emotion and fluency, and the vocals add to this perfectly. The talent is superb, I'm jealous! Excellent! I'm going to see what your other songs are like! A+” - piehands from York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Jun, 2004.

* Vandecar: Jeff Tassin... "Masterpiece??? I think so!! Well done! This is a great example of how one acoustic guitar can do so much. It carries a great melody, keeps a great rhythm, lays down the bass notes, and makes beautiful chordal structures. The acoustic guitar itself sounds wonderful. It has just the right amount of reverb. This is an acoustic masterpiece, played to perfection, and there is not much else to say. Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track." -yayhooray Hickory, North Carolina September, 2004.

* House For Sale: Jeff Tassin... "Jazz me man! Tasty Chords on the guitar, very classy. Like the percussive bit on the side of the guitar.
Great change to the double time swing. Good scatting with the guitar and voice. The Guitarist would make a good drummer also. 5 STARS TO THIS PIECE OF MUSIC." -Barry_Harvey, Queensland, Australia.

* Soar Eyes: Jeff Tassin... " Creative and skillful Deep, deep sexy start with the bass instruments sliding through the melody, twisting and moulding the song into shape. Even the lead guitar has lots of depth and performs in a very jazzy way. Subtle drums and percussion just a tap and a shuffle. No need for a vocal on this track as the instruments do all the talking. A great little song to use when you want to show off all your skill and creativity. A dreamy, creamy and very slightly steamy track that no-one could fail to appreciate."
Reviewed by: JAWZ from Glenfield, Midlands, United Kingdom.

* She Came In Like The Rain: Jeff Tassin... "A 5 star performance harmonics in the beginning instantly have my attention. That is cool... the performance sounds well rehearsed and profoundly felt. Very endearing... The guitars are sensational. I am blown away here...This is definitely a performance piece, and its a 5 star performance. The melody is very aromatic and free. A true testament that a less sometimes is more."
Reviewed by: Sterilemusic from Grandview, Illinois.