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Sir George Martin on
 Sir George Martin expounds upon the subject of, which has recently been bought out by the iLike website under the myspace umbrella. I am currently absorbing how to utilize these changes of venue and adjusts my data to suite. I do have a myspece presence which I will also coodinate. Thanks again for looking.
Black Man in a White House

 Jeff's newest Music Video, inspired by the historical election. At least Obama himself believes he cares and has some answers... We'll see. Recorded at JT Studios.

Ron Davies Last Performance

 Ron Davies and Jeff at Ron's last northwest performance at Jeff's Songwriter's Showcase, May 28th 2003.

DRop Zone, by Jeff Tassin

 Drop Zone, a video excerpt from the Illustrated Emotional Science DVD. The footage was taken on a trip from Southworth, Port Orchard to Seattle and back during late hours of the day when the sun turns orange and the atmosephere thickens.

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Inland, by jeff Tassin

 Illustrated Emotional Science excerpt shot at the Ollala docks in Kitsap county.

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Whales break water during jeff's Alaskan tour.
 While Jeff is on tour in Alaska, he catches some whale bubble-netting action during a fishing trip on Billy Ashby's boat, the WhaleOn.
She Got the Money

 A fun little video, based on the song, 'She Got the Money', from the Pop Fiction CD. Produced at JT Studios.

The Illustrated Emotional Science

 An excerpt from, 'The Illustrated Emotional Science', DVD, featuring award winning music from the Emotional Science music CD. This footage was 10 months in the filming, including some of the most beautiful scenics in the world in Kitsap County, Washington State.

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Jeff Tassin & Allen Alto

 A clip from an evening with Jeff and Alan Alto, chasing each other around the fretboard on one of Jeff's slow bluesy songs from the 'Stark Ravin' CD.

Kitsap Music commercial
A nutty Kitsap Music commercial, co-produced by Dan Cartwright and Jeff Tassin, starring Heather Madden.
Jeff Tassin with Bill Brown & the Kingbeez at Seafair

 A clip from Jeff's guest appearance with the incomparable, Bill Brown and the King Beez, during Seafair.

Gringos in Mazatlan

 A movie short that Jim Davies and Jeff co-produced from Jim's fear-and-loathing run to Mazatlan, Mexico with his 'Posse'.