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Call 360.871.7070 for appointments for your projects…

•  multitrack recording and audio restoration

•  video production / media restoration and formatting

•  webpage creation / graphic art and logo design

     Commercial, Training, or documentation applications; We can provide full NTSC or high definition broadcast standard video production. Full broadcast standard audio for musical scores, musical ID's or themes and help you synchronize your media to your website. Don't have a website? We can take care of that for you as well.

     For singer/songwriters/composers; full accompaniment can be provided if needed. We are capable of following you through the entire project from recording, to mastering and CD duplication, all the way to setting your material to the web on your own domain.

     If it's web media you need; ask about our web building services, from web audio/video or content, to site-wide creation, we can get you setup on your own site or domain for a price that's 'do-able', so your work is out there working for you 24/7.

In-House equipment

It should be said that JT Studios is equipped with a multi-camera security system, running 24/7

•  Roland 2480 CD digital recorder, with 24/96 bit multitrack and recording, capable of importing data from any other project media.

•  Roland X7 -76 key workstation, fully expanded with thousands of digitally sampled instruments at your service.

•  Sony HD-1 High Definition cameras combined with Sony Vegas Video 8.0 Pro, standard definition or high definition editing system with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. Sony DVD Architect for impressive state-of-the-art DVD authoring. CD mastering is accomplished with Sound Forge 7.0 and Sony CD Architect 5.2..

•  Graphic art layouts for CD projects are accomplished with professional templates for mass duplication in Corel Draw 12 Graphic Suite and PhoroImpact Pro 10. We are a ‘Studio Partner' with and can help you with your project from start to finish. Our short run CD duplication options can deliver a stack of CDs to your door with full artwork within a week.

•  Dreamweaver Website Creation Suite for total artist support from recording... to distribution options.


•  A carefully selected array of vintage instrumentsis at your service, including 1966 Gibson 335, 1965 Martin D-18, 1989 Epiphone Strat, custom designed 'Fat Strat' with Tuxedo pickups, (ebony neck designed by Lue Lian Shan), 1972 Gibson Triumph Recording Bass, 1967 Hohner Fretless Bass, custom designed 'Batman' fretless bass, 1970 Candelas Flamenco.

•  Jeff Tassin Studios also has Sony vinyl and tape restoration tools for transferring older projects into any form of digital media, whether it be videoCD, NTSC, mp3 or streaming files for the web.

•  We can provide all the musicianship you need. Most studios simply turn on the machines and say, "OK, go". Jeff Tassin is a three time Emmy winning producer, composer and musician. He can work with you in what ever capacity you need. Finish your project the way you see it. We can even put you in touch with other talent who we use here in the studio such as background vocals, instrumentalists and more, so you can complete your project the way you see it.


•  $75 per hour for multi-track digital audio recording and editing.

•  $85 per hour if musicianship is needed.

•  Live, on location 24 track digital recording is also available at $75 per hour with $150 cartage fee. $100 per hr for high definition video.

•  $600 per day - day rate plus expenses for on location shoots.

(360) 871-7070